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Metro Detroit, Michigan, USA

Managed IT Services

We work with smaller businesses who reach the point where they need to get to the next level in IT. Whether it's managing many users and protecting their data, or building custom apps to increase productivity, we are ready to make your business more productive while looking more professional.



Advantage of using our services

We build and maintain IT infrastructure that adapts to your business

Managed IT Services

As business grows, devices and users grow with it. Especially in today's Bring Your Own Device world, it's hard to keep track of IT Assets, credentials and other information. We specialize in managing IT services for small and medium businesses. From simple help desk and tech support to building out new networks and creating data lakes with business analytics.

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Compliance and Security

These two go hand in hand. When you're building solid security, you become naturally compliant. When you need to become compliant, your security becomes much more robust. We have years of experiance helping clients get compliant, whether it's PCI, HIPAA, NIST, or any other industry compliance.

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Build Stunning Apps and Websites

Your not too small anymore. We can take your company's data, steer it into a "data lake" and from there we can build apps, reports, dashboards and more using Microsoft's Power Platform. We can also build you a simple website to represent your business or tie your company data to a website, to get customer info, or to connect employees to company data.

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Bring Data to Life

Business Intelligence. It's not new, but it's changed immensly over the last decade. The high speed connected world and cloud computing has created the perfect environment for BI for SMB. Build custom reports and dashboards pulling your company data from multiple sources. Multiple branches or locations manually pulling sales data every night? Let's build a dashboard and make that automatic.

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Technology Services

A complete solution for your business.

Stop looking around for an IT consultant in Metro Detroit, we're here. Now let's get to work.

  • Manage IT assets and users
  • Protect and Backup Data
  • Disaster Mitigation and Recovery

More Features

We know Business and Tech

We have a wide range of skill and experience working with businesses of all kinds. Whether it's an amusement park connecting arcade machines, or a doctor's office connecting a new Xray machine. We've done it. We understand the challenges business face with costs in technology. We're a business too and we deal with the same obstacles.

Modern Design

Everything old is new again. AI isn't new. But the way we are able to implement it using cloud computing is game changing. Imagine building an app that scanned invoices, collected the data into the cloud, thanked the customer and alerted the salesperson all in one click. That's no problem with the modern apps we have access to with today's cloud.

Build Stunning Websites

Websites and Apps for your team and your customers. Collect data, managed appointments, automate tasks. We can help build a sharepoint hub using Microsoft's cloud to connect your IT in ways you couldn't have imagined just a few years ago.

Bring Tech Ideas to Life

Time to bring your business up to the 21st century in tech. Turn paper forms into digital forms. Collect data and use that data to make better decisions. Engage with customers on a level that used to be reserved for the biggest businesses.


The Company

I've grown up with modern technology. I was born the same year as Pac Man. I was trying to play Atari while I was still in diapers. Then came the Coleco Vision, then my first computer, the Commodore 64. Then, in the late 80s, I went "online" and took over the family phone line. Working in the family store as a kid, I was mostly interested in the computers used at the checkout. I understood the value of using technology to manage your business early on. We had integrated a computer for the barcode scanners earlier than our competition. It sped up checkout, managed inventory, and reduced loss. I could also play Kings Quest on it.

  • Decades of experience in tech
  • We understand Business
  • Most our clients have used our services for many years
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