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Managed IT Services

IT Services

Need a Part Time CTO and a full time help desk?    

You down with RMM?   

Remote Management and Monitoring. It's having an IT guy ready to put out fires, help out users, and manage updates and assets. We're that IT guy. We will implement RMM on a per device cost and we'll manage every piece of IT equipment you have to keep you compliant and protected.

IT Asset Management

Everything old is new again. AI isn't new. But the way we are able to implement it using cloud computing is game changing. Imagine building an app that scanned invoices, collected the data into the cloud, thanked the customer and alerted the salesperson all in one click. That's no problem with the modern apps we have access to with today's cloud.

On Call and Remote Help Desk

Websites and Apps for your team and your customers. Collect data, managed appointments, automate tasks. We can help build a sharepoint hub using Microsoft's cloud to connect your IT in ways you couldn't have imagined just a few years ago.

Optimize Network and Hardware

Time to bring your business up to the 21st century in tech. Turn paper forms into digital forms. Collect data and use that data to make better decisions. Engage with customers on a level that used to be reserved for the biggest businesses.


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