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Who is the Zebari Group?

Zebari Group IT Services

Tech jargon aside, we are computer nerds. I was the tech guy to everyone I knew growing up. I grew up with tech, like most kids in the 80's and 90's. If it plugged into a TV, I wanted to play with it. My first computer was a Commodore 64. I still own and cherish it. I've worked in technology in one way or another since I was a teenager. My first "tech" job was at Egghead computers in Novi Town Center. It was a dream job for a 17 year old who liked computers. We were able to test any software out and I was surrounded by customers and co-workers who really knew their stuff. I then studied Computer Science in college and worked in many different fields in the IT and Ecommerce environments before starting my IT consulting business here in my home state of Michigan in the Metro Detroit area.

We have a team of talented IT techs with a variety of skills. Everyone at Zebari Group is enthusiastic about Technology and it shows. We hope we don't talk your ear off when we get excited about working with you! Thanks for stopping by our site. Have a wonderful Day.

Matthew Zebari